How to Jailbreak Your Audible Audiobooks on Linux

Ahoy mateys! On every pirates journey, he finds himself wondering... How can I secure me booty?

In this case, our booty being audiobooks purchased on Amazon's Audible service. We can download them, sure. But they come as aax files, an "ehanced" version of an aa file format, that come equipped with Digital Rights Management (DRM). DRMs prevent you from truly owning and securing your audiobook, as it allows Amazon to control how and where you can use the files that you thought you purchased control of.

There are many free, open source tools that allow you to remove the DRM from aax files. This article explores one of those options. I run Linux, so if you're on the techno-facsist platforms of Microfsoft or Apple.... Well, I can write an article on how to switch to Linux if you want.

The tools I'll be using:

Installing the pre-requisites.

I needed: Python3, pip, mediainfo, chromedriver, chrome, and the python pkgs selenium and requests. So yeah, lots. You may already have some of these dependencies installed.

Let's get started with the stuff we can install from the apt repos.

sudo apt install mediainfo python3 pip

And now that we have pip...

pip install --user requests
pip install --user selenium

The chromedriver can be downloaded here. Make sure to download a version that supports the Chrome version you'll be installing. I accidentally downloaded ver92 and it wasn't compatible with the chrome I'd installed from here. Make sure they match.

Cool, we'll unzip the chromedriver in a second. First, let's get the audible-activator that I linked to above.


After you've downloaded the zip of audible-activator, extract it to wherever you'd like to store it. In my case ~/Apps is where it'll reside. Open that folder in your terminal.

Now it's time to extract the chromedriver to the audible-activator folder. You can do this with your GUI, or via cmd line.

cd ~/Downloads
unzip -d ~/Apps/audible-activator

Make sure to unzip it to the correct directory, wherever you set it up.

Now, from the terminal run the audible-activator.

python3 ./

It'll ask you for your username and password, and then if there's no errors, it'll spit out a short string that it calls activate_bytes. Take that string and store it in a new file ~/.authcode.

echo -e "YOUR_AUTH_CODE"

This config file will be used by AAXtoMP3. Otherwise, you'll have to input the authcode manually each time.


It's time to convert some AAX files! Head over to and download your booty, whichever books you'd like to pry from Amazon's filthy-grubby, cold, dead hands.

Dowload the zip file from AAXtoMP3s github, linked above, and extract it wherever. I put it in ~/Apps once again, and then opened that folder in a terminal.

To see the options:

./AAXtoMP3 -h

It's time to convert! Here's an example of AAXtoMP3 in use:

./AAXtoMP3 --level 4 -e:mp3 --target_dir ~/Audiobooks ./ik.aax

Looks complicated, eh? It's not too bad. --level 4 defines our compression level, -e:mp3 sets our output to mp3, --target_dir ~/Audiobooks sets the output folder, and ./ik.aax is the path to my audiobook aax file that I'd like to convert. That's it! When it's done, you should now have a new folder in your export directory with the converted files! Yippee! Fuck you Amazon!

The interactive version of AAXtoMP3 is also available. You'll have to make the file interactiveAAXtoMP3 executable first.

chmod +x ./interactiveAAXtoMP3

And now you can run it:


Optional dependencies

There may be other dependencies, necessary and optional, that'll need to be installed. MP3 conversion worked out of the box for me, but it may not for you. m4b on the other hand, required mp4v2-utils, which I didn't yet have. Fortunately, the program will alert you of the missing dependencies and give you instructions for installing them.


If you're not using Bionic (Ubuntu version 18), then you'll need to add the Bionic repository to your source list at /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d.

deb bionic main universe